This is "I don't know" battle of Epic Rapndjonvjns. It features the fat thug with an STD in his brain, Al Capone, competeing against the dude who takes drugs before he plays, Jimi Hendrix, to see who's better.


EpicLLOYD as Al Capone

DeStorm as Jimi Hendrix


Al Capone:

My name is Al Capone and I fucked your girl/

Your drugged rhymes makes me wanna hurl

Jmi Hendrix:

Damn nigga you suck/

So go suck a duck you fuck

Al Capone:

I'm not Tony Montana, but I'm the finest from Montana/

And I don't give a fuck about no talking banana

Jimi Hendrix:

And you say I'm on drugs, dude you'tr a voodoo child/

I fuck you so hard that you will lost your mind!


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